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KTA Services History 
KTA Services has been in business for 28 years, and still hanging in there. From humble beginnings in 1984 when our
 charter was to supply a small handful of hard-to-get EV components such as controllers, contactors, and fuses -- to our present lineup in 2012 -- we now stock more than 470 components and publications. Dozens of other components such as motor brushes and springs, headbands, and extreme high-performance motors for racing, to name just a few, are also available. If you need a particular component, please ask and we'll try to provide it for you. You never know, it may even be in stock. 
While KTA Services basically is an EV components business, we take great pride and joy in doing applications engineering for our customers and potential new clients. In other words, we get to solve other people's EV problems and challenges using our parts. What could be more interesting or gratifying? The scope of our customers' projects goes way beyond electric cars, bikes and trikes, go karts, and Electrathon type vehicles. It also includes electric dragsters, battlebots, pirouetting parade vehicles, special effects apparatus for the movie industry, and some pretty wild amusement park rides. We especially enjoy designing systems and providing parts for high-performance EVs. 

KTA Services, Part II
As of April 15th, 2008, KTA Services is under new ownership. The founder, Ken Koch decided to retire from the EV hardware business after more than 23 years. Ken's retirement has given him the time to build his dream, a 1933 Ford EV street roadster. He will continue to provide consulting to EV builders through his company, "EV Consulting, Inc."
KTA has continued to benefit from Ken's reputation for quality components, timely service, and expert knowledge. Our goal is to continue to do everything we can to make electric vehicle conversion and construction easier, higher quality, cheaper, and more rewarding for you, the EV builder.
My background includes 27 years of experience at Hewlett-Packard as a mechanical research and development, manufacturing, and process engineer, with a handfull of years in management to round me out. I have now added almost 5 years of continuous, full time EV technical and industry experience, starting with great mentoring by Ken.
Our goal is to provide Electric Vehicle Parts, Kits, and Personalized Technical Advice and Support Through the End of Your Project.  We work hard to achive these goals, please let us know what KTA Services can do to best meet these goals for you.
Please contact us with any comments or questions.
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